Since 1984, the group “Ellade” has created around itself a strategic network of relationships and co-operations with enterprises and companies of different profiles since 1984. It’s a well-constructed system of skills in different professional fields, functional to the full management and realization of the whole building project – from planning, to designing, construction, finishes till the sale of the completed building.
In this way the group “Ellade” is able to guarantee the client the high qualitative standard of its projects. The precise outlining of internal skills, concerning building, fastenings, joinery and furnishing and the lasting co-operations with societies and external professional offices shape the unique outline of a highly skilled group.
Today the group “Ellade” develops its activities through many selected societies oriented towards particular fields.


  • Building Industry
  • Fastenings Industry
  • Joinery Industry

PROFESSIONAL OFFICE OF ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS or the planning and technical advice in the Building Field.


Mida Industria l.l.c., whose chairman and manager is Eng. Bruno Giuseppe, is specialized in aluminium manufacturing and in the production of aluminium frames and garden furniture.
Since 1995, Mida Industria l.l.c. is nationally and internationally known thanks to the  Brand Woodall, by which it identifies the patented system of the powdered “wooden effect” painting.
By the original Woodall System and thanks to aluminium versatility, Mida Industria l.l.c. reproduces faithfully the wooden grains on aluminium and iron handmade articles of any shape and dimension, always achieving a high quality standard.


Royal Mosaici l.l.c., understanding Ellade group’s taste, is the leader company in Puglia for the planning and manufacturing of precious mosaic marble compositions.
By Royal Mosaici l.l.c., Ellade society benefits professional workers’ technical competence in the mosaic art field, aiming to adapt each solution to the stylistic and technical demands of any building plan.
Ellade Group, famous for Mr. Bruno Giuseppe’s scrupulousness, has chosen to cooperate with Royal Mosaici l.l.c., because of its competence, experience and the high quality of the used materials and techniques, the sole warranty against the wear and tear of time and Man’s negligence..


Mivida l.l.c. is a leader company in the natural and dressed porcelain stoneware for pavings , interior or outer coating and bathroom furnishings.
Mivida l.l.c has a wide range of products (more than 10.000) as it benefits the competence of the best professional men in the china field.