Experience, professionalism, technical skills, continuous research, innovation and design find their expression in exclusive  projects, a perfect synthesis of an essential principle that is the quality of life.
This is the inspiring principle of all Mr. Giuseppe Bruno’s activity, through the group “Ellade”, that he himself established in 1984, at the beginning as a Sole Trade and from 1991 on as Ellade Ltd.
This is a principle that, in any building project and in any other effected activity, is shown in the absolute care for the client’s wellness and sensitiveness. 
It’s to be added also the high importance the group grants to the sources of renewable energy. In a time where climatic changes, depletion of water and of traditional sources of energy force us to exploit environmental resources more conscientiously, the group “Ellade” tends to develop and exploit the most suitable technologies for the production of alternative photovoltaic energy.
Moreover, in the South of Italy this is a commitment that is really confirmed in the growing interest in Technology and Energetic Conservation, as it can be seen from the studies (known internationally) of the Cnr-Ingm National Lab of molecular Nanotechnologies.
The coating of metals is another field of interest of the group “Ellade”.
One of the group’s companies has created, since 1995, a system patented in Europe and in the most important countries of the world for the wood effect coating of aluminium profiles called “Woodall”.
This system coats frames and pieces of furniture with different colours (oak, walnut, mahogany, and so on).
A particular application has been achieved with the wood effect coating for garden equipment and outdoor structures such as pergolas, pagodas and grids that are marketed with the mark “Woodall Garden”. This system has really helped and goes on helping in saving the use of natural wood, keeping so many forests still alive.
The latest group’s newly born is “Royal Mosaici”, a company that has brought to light a millenary tradition that has nowadays disappeared: mosaics formed of hand-made tesserae.
Customised or traditional patterns create a unique, exclusive and highly precious pavement or coating, supplied and carried out directly by the company in order to guarantee the perfect execution and the best results.
Another field on interest of the group “Ellade” is the building and management of facilities and hotel structures.
“I Giardini di Atena” is a city resort in Lecce, formed of 462 flats, gym, swimming-pool, game courts, auditorium, amphitheatre, bar, restaurants and other commercial services, completely built by Ellade Ltd. and managed by other companies of the same group.
“Hotel Aurora and Del Benessere” is a four-star hotel in Santa Cesarea Terme built and managed by Ellade.