Since 1991, Ellade group, represents a leader group in the Italian Building Industry. The company plans, designs and carries out full housing and industrial buildings, modifying meaningfully Italian National Territory.
The founder, Engineer Bruno Giuseppe,  with his 25 years of experience in Building Technical Advice, Design and Manufactory fields, has given to Ellade group, the possibility to create a varied and efficient cooperation with qualified architects, engineers and many partnerships with various societies and enterprises; so that to achieve a precise diversification in the Building, Fastenings and Joinery fields.
Thanks to its highly skilled professional and technical staff, Ellade group has reached a wide competence, which grants to its customers full buildings projects, always meeting market demands of modern technological innovation (by the use of alternative energy sources), environmental impact, safety, usefulness, quality and taste (especially in the interior design field).
Ellade group, famous for its professionalism, competences and services, stand out among the most qualified Italian Enterprises, thanks to its specialized plans, the use of the best raw materials, the attention for life quality improvement, the innovation and excellence of its works.



Founded in 1991

One of the most qualified Building Society in Italy.
Use of modern technological instruments and means.
A wide range of action in different economics field in Italy and abroad.
Founder and Manager: Eng. Bruno Giuseppe